Meandering in Maryland

With our next longer trip planned for May, I knew I couldn’t wait that long for a road trip of more than a day. A friend from high school days had posted on Facebook last year about a cottage she owns and rents in Cobb Island, Maryland. It seemed like a good chance to see the area and reconnect. 
Cobb Island is an isolated spot with lovely scenery and just a few businesses. To hike or tour we would need to leave the Island. That meant we planned to make stops at other points of interest on the way there. We left home on an almost Spring-like March Friday. We thought we’d head to Annapolis for brunch but after a bit, we were too hungry to make it that far, so we de-toured to Newark, Delaware instead. Being a college town there were a number of possible choices along the main street. My research led me to the Home Grown Cafe, which had a lot of gluten and dairy-free options. We ordered some vegan nachos and a homemade veggie burger on a gluten free bun. 

We looked on All Trails for a  picnic area and came up with the nearby Newark Reservoir. The paved path up to the reservoir was a bit steep but gentle. We got up to the edge of the water and sat on the rocks to eat. The nachos were pretty simple but tasty. The burger was really good but messy due to the toppings including some type of yummy avocado mash. 

As we were finishing our lunch, unfortunately the lovely day started dropping cold rain on us, so we headed back down the slope to the car and on to the next de-tour. The rain was going in and out but eventually it cleared again and we found a place to walk.


Good with nature, not so good with grammar.

The Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary had a number of hiking trails, but since they were only open about an hour more after we arrived the lady who we paid the fee to suggested going down the boardwalk along the water and then either doubling back or circling back on one of the other trails. We saw several nesting birds, one munching on a “sushi” snack. We took one of the wooded trails back and got back in time to escape before the gate was locked.